R&H Haralambous Insurance Agents, Sub-Agents and Consultants Ltd

Is a team of Insurance Experts operating in Cyprus with more than 23 years of experience in all Insurance sectors. We are registered and authorized by the Cyprus ICCS and regulated under the Insurance and Reinsurance Services laws and Other Related Issues of 2016 [Law 38(I) 2016] and other relevant Regulations.


We analyze our clients’ insurable needs and offer custom-made insurance solutions, strictly based on their requirements. We revisit and revise our clients’ policies, according to their updated needs.


Through insurable needs analysis a fully customized solution is offered to organizations and individuals alike beyond our clientele.

Insurance is all about risk management providing peace of mind for unforeseen events. It gives protection to families and corporations covering assets, properties and income.


Being close to our clients enables us to be aligned with their changing requirements hence mitigating risks that may arise in future.