The health of our children is our main concern wherever they are. A health insurance plan exclusively for Cypriot students studying abroad. Tailored to the unique needs of students, offering flexible coverage options and the best possible medical care.


The policy is addressed

To all Cypriot students aged 18 to 30 studying abroad.


Basic Covers

The Students Abroad Health scheme offers cover for in-hospital care as a result of an accident or illness:

Maximum annual limit of €50,000

Annual deductible €100


100% coverage for the following:

Physician, Surgeon, Anesthetist Fee

Medicines and Consumables

Diagnostic Examinations

Magnetic and Axial Tomography

Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy

Surgery without overnight stay

Emergency transport to hospital (ambulance)

Organ transplantation

Room and Board up to €350

Physiotherapy (post-operative) up to €600


Frequent questions:

Where am I covered?

Worldwide coverage except America and Canada.


Can I immediately submit a claim when the policy starts?

Health insurance policies offer immediate coverage in case of bodily injury from an accident. In case of illness, the provision of insurance coverage begins after 30 days from the start of the insurance policy.


What are the requirements for student health insurance?

Student health insurance is aimed at Cypriot students aged 18-30 studying abroad. Students must be enrolled part-time or full-time at an accredited academic institution, such as a college or university.



The above information may vary from one Insurance Company to another. Depending on the insurance policy that will be proposed to you, you will get all the relevant information you need, so that you can decide on your own choice. Request our offer today. Based on your own insurable needs and budget, we will choose the right covers for you.