Investing in real estate is an important activity for many businesses as well as individuals. This investment usually aims to secure income which comes mainly from the rental of the property.

But what happens in the case where some risk deprives the owner of the possibility of collecting rents? What happens if the owner is found legally responsible for damage that the tenant of the property may have suffered?

Recognizing the insurance needs of every income earner, the Property Owner Package All Risk was created where the real estate owner ensures both the restoration of his property and the loss of income in case of damage from any cause, as well as coverage of his legal liability.


The policy is addressed to

Persons who have real estate as an investment and rent it to third parties, such as owners of apartment buildings, offices or shops, and combines the insurance of the building, the loss of rent in the event of damage, but also the protection against bodily injury or material damage that may be caused to third parties.


What is covered

The covers are described below. We strongly recommend the Property Owner Package All Risk policy, but in addition you can also see the covers offered by the Property Owner Package policy named perils.

Excel Table Property Owner Package All Risk


Frequent Questions

Should I be aware of anything during my Insurance Cover?

You should inform the Insurance Company of any change in data, such as a change of ownership of the insured property, change of address of the insured office/store, any increase/decrease in the contents, change in the use of the house, extensions or repairs made to the building which are likely to increase the risk.


What should I do in case of a damage?

Contact the Insurance Company immediately bearing in mind the following:

If it is a fire, notify the fire department.

If it is malicious damage or theft, notify the Police.

Do not repair any damage or dispose of any damaged item prior to inspection by the Company’s Appraiser. If you need to make any temporary repairs to prevent further damage, keep the relevant receipts.



The above information may vary from one Insurance Company to another. Depending on the insurance policy that will be proposed to you, you will get all the relevant information you need, so that you can decide on your own choice. Request our offer today. Based on your own insurable needs and budget, we will choose the right covers for you.