According to the legislation, it is mandatory for all foreign workers from non-EU countries living in Cyprus, and this is an obligation of the employer towards his employees, to have registered with GESY and to have taken out Dead Body Transport insurance or Health Insurance for Foreign Employees. The insurance certificate is a prerequisite for registering or renewing a work permit.

Employer’s Liability insurance is also necessary for the registration or renewal of the work permit.


The contract is addressed

To employers of foreign workers or domestic workers from countries that are not members of the European Union. A complete program at a special price.

To foreign students and visitors for the development of professional work, where medical insurance is required to secure their residence permit.


Basic Coverages

Coverage is offered in two parts. The main part of it covers

Death by accidental bodily injury

Transport of a body in case of death by accident or disease


With an additional premium there is the possibility to add the Employer’s Liability cover which covers the Employer’s legal responsibility for paying compensation to his employees in relation to death or bodily injury from an accident or occupational disease (which is defined in relevant regulations) caused as a result and during their employment in the employer’s work in Cyprus or abroad (for permanent residents of Cyprus)

The following minimum limits apply (with the possibility of increasing them) that satisfy those provided by the relevant legislation:

For each employee €160,000

For each incident €3,415,000

For each insurance period € 5,125,000


Group plan at a special price

It is also offered on a group basis (with a minimum number of five people) with even lower premiums.



The above information may vary from one Insurance Company to another. Depending on the insurance policy that will be proposed to you, you will get all the relevant information you need, so that you can decide on your own choice. Request our offer today. Based on your own insurable needs and budget, we will choose the right covers for you.