In 2021 in Cyprus, more than 67,000 claims have been examined by the insurance companies and close to 120 million euros were paid in compensations.

As is generally the case in all developed countries, vehicle insurance is also mandatory in Cyprus and concerns damages or injuries caused to a third party (cover against a third party) and not necessarily damages or injuries that the insured himself will suffer.

We strongly recommend the purchase of the ‘Motor Comprehensive Executive’ policy, where, in addition to the mandatory coverages against third parties, all coverages available on the market for the damages of your own vehicle are provided through this policy, including coverages from natural phenomena.

The secret to car insurance is support and service when the accident happens. The person who will support you must have the necessary knowledge, be in a position to correctly advise you and have excellent relations with the insurance company.


The contract covers

Car insurance obligatorily covers the Insured’s legal liability for payment of compensation to third parties for bodily injuries, injuries, death and damages to third party property and extends to additional covers depending on the policy the customer will purchase.

The compensation limits are €38,600,000 per incident for bodily injury or death of third parties and €1,300,000 per incident for property damage.

The car insurance policy is offered in the following forms:

Third Party Liability Coverage and Comprehensive coverage including natural hazards

Third Party Liability Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage

Third Party, Fire and Theft Liability Coverage

Third Party Liability Coverage.


The contract is addressed

It is addressed to owners of private and commercial motor vehicles.


Basic Coverages

On the condition that the car value exceeds €3,000, we strongly recommend the purchase of the ‘Motor Comprehensive Executive’ policy, which provides all the coverages available on the market, including coverages from natural phenomena.

The coverage of the 3 main Motor policies that we offer are detailed below.



Lower your premium

Your Motor insurance premium can be further reduced by the following ways:

Limit the number of drivers. The policy is offered as ‘any driver aged 23-70’.

Increase the mandatory deductible amount

Get insured with us with all your other contracts


Increase your coverages

In addition to the coverages offered and illustrated above, you can add the following coverages to your policy:

No Claim Protection (2 options). With a very low additional insurance premium you can ensure that your premium will not increase in the following years due to an accident where you will bear responsibility for the damages.

Increased Windscreen Cover. The Windscreen today is a high-cost part of the car. With a very low additional premium, you can provide that in the event of damage to the windscreen of your car, you will not have to pay additional money to cover the cost beyond the amount you are insured for the windscreen.


Extensions at no extra cost

24-hour Roadside Assistance Service. Call Roadside Assistance, to take care of your immediate service, anywhere in the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus in case of a problem while using your car, such as:


Electrical failure

Mechanical failure


Tire change

Lack of fuel

24-hour Accident Care Service. Call Accident Care to take care of your immediate service, anywhere in the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus in the event of a road accident or self-inflicted damage to your comprehensively insured vehicle. The above is a term of your contract. In addition to recording and photographing the accident, the towing and transport of your vehicle to the workshop of your choice is also arranged

“If you’re going to drink, don’t drive” But if you’ve been drinking or have an emergency medical problem, the company cooperating with us, Trust Insurance, will take you home “Free and Insured”


Frequent questions

What should I do in case of an accident or breakdown of my vehicle?

Our company provides its customers with Road Assistance service in case of need. In the event of an accident, contact us immediately on 77778107, so that an expert can attend to you as soon as possible.

The specialist who will visit you:

Will record the circumstances of the accident

Will photograph the scene

Will receive the necessary information

In the event of immobilization of the vehicle, Road Assistance will take care of transporting your vehicle to a repair garage of your choice.

In cases of major damage or injury, you should also contact the Police immediately (at number 112).

If your vehicle is immobilized after mechanical or electrical failure, tyre failure, simply call 77778107 and Road Assistance will take care of:

On-site repair (if possible, such as oil, battery, tyre change, etc.)

Returning the vehicle to the public road if it has been found outside and if the access of the Roadside Assistance vehicle is possible

Transport to a workshop of your choice


What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

You should immediately report the theft of the car to the Competent Police Department in your area and receive a certificate for your statement.

You will then have to present a copy of the Police Certificate to our Company’s offices and after completing the Claim Form your details will be forwarded to the Claims Department and you will be contacted immediately.


When does my Motor insurance start and end?

Read your car insurance policy to see when your coverage starts and ends. The contract period is usually for one year.


Can I insure my vehicle if it is not registered in my name?

You cannot insure a car that is not registered in your name. However, for the purpose of registering the vehicle in your name, an insurance policy or temporary cover note is issued to enable you to proceed with the registering of the vehicle in your name.


What is an excess or deductible in vehicle insurance?

It is the amount of money you will need to pay in the event of a claim before your insurance company will cover the remaining amount. If your policy has a €200 deductible and you make a claim for €1,000 worth of damage to your vehicle, you will need to pay the first €200 of the repair costs and the insurance company will pay the remaining €800.