Employer’s liability insurance is required by law in Cyprus. As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your staff at work. In the event of an accident, occupational disease or death resulting in injury, illness or death of an employee due to the nature of work or an incident in the performance of work, the employee or his legal heirs may make legal claims for compensation against the employer.


This policy covers

The compulsory Employer’s Liability insurance protects the employer for its legal liability to pay compensation to its employees in respect of death or bodily injury from an accident or occupational disease caused as a result of and during their employment in the employer’s employment in Cyprus or abroad (for permanent residents of Cyprus). It is emphasized that Employer’s Liability Insurance is compulsory insurance according to the Employers’ Liability Insurance Compulsory Laws of 1989 to 2001.


This policy is addressed to

Professionals and organizations that employ people.


Basic Covers

The minimum limits as determined by the Cyprus Legislation are:

  • €160,000 per employee

  • Each incident or series of incidents €3,415,000

  • Total Limit per insurance period €5,125,000

At R&H Haralambous Insurance Agents, Sub-Agents and Consultants Ltd, we analyze our clients insurable needs and recommend higher cover limits than those required by law, so that they minimize their risks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Employer’s Liability insurance cover any accident or illness my staff have?

Employer’s Liability insurance covers the employer for accidents or illnesses for which he is legally responsible. Our suggestion is that every employer takes out additional Personal Accident insurance for his staff, where in this particular case compensation is given to the employee without the employer being held legally responsible.


How are the necessary cover limits defined?

Minimum cover limits are set by the law. In addition to these, the employer can choose to be insured with higher limits, so that in the event of adjudication of higher compensations than the minimum limits, the employer does not suffer financial damage that often results in the closure of the business. Limits can be agreed between the employer and us, according to the nature of the work, the ages of the employees, the risks and other factors.



The above information may vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company. Depending on the insurance policy that will be proposed to you, you will get all the relevant information you need, so that you can decide on your own choice. Request our offer today. Based on your own insurable needs and budget, we will choose the right covers for you.