We work hard to acquire and maintain a business. Whether it is owned or rented, it does not cease to be the main, perhaps even the only, source of our income. It’s important to know that if something happens, we can get things back to the way they were before the incident, especially if our property is a security for a mortgage.


The policy covers

This is a business fire insurance plan. Depending on your choices, it can cover the building and the content located in your business


The policy is addressed 

To owners or tenants of businesses of all kinds such as shopkeepers, industrialists, hoteliers, freelancers, etc.


Basic covers

The policy covers are




Earthquake or volcanic eruption

Storm, cyclone, typhoon, gale

Flooding or overflowing of the sea


Lower your premium

The premium paid can be reduced if you:

⮚ Install an alarm system and cameras in your business

⮚ Install fire extinguishers or a fire extinguishing system in your business

⮚ Insure with us and with your other policies and benefit from the corresponding discount


Frequent questions 

What should I do in case of damage to my business?

In case of damage try to keep evidence and details of the incident with photos, invoices or receipts. Do not proceed with repair work before obtaining the consent of the Insurance Company. In particular, in case of major damage, an appraiser is sent by the Company and a damage assessment is carried out.

In case of theft, a first verbal notification is made to the Company. Also necessary is a police report and a complete record of the stolen items with receipts. The Claim Form completed and signed together with the Police Report are sent to the insurance company. Once the assessment is complete, a Claims Department officer will contact you.

During your insurance it is very important that you take all the protection measures to avoid the increase of the damage as well as measures to reduce the damage (eg stopping the flow of water).


How is the correct value of my business calculated for insurance purposes? 

For insurance purposes, the value of the land is not included. The value of the land is subtracted and the construction cost of the building is calculated according to current construction cost values ​​today. In addition, the construction cost of the additional structures that exist in the business is added to the cost of the main building.

The above value must be revised annually so that it is consistent with the current costs of rebuilding the home.


The bank says that I am obliged to take out insurance with the insurance company they work with.

The competition commissioner in Cyprus has ensured that it is the borrower’s right to purchase the insurance policy that best meets his needs both in terms of coverage and cost, from the insurance company of his choice. Our experience shows that insurances made by banking institutions usually make the insured as co-insured with the insurance company, as the insured business

is insured at a lower value. Insufficient to non-existent is also the insurance of the contents. Finally, several of the covers offered by the Multi-Insurance Company Against All Risks are not offered in bancassurance policies.



The above information may vary from Insurance Company to Insurance Company. Depending on the insurance policy that will be proposed to you, you will get all the relevant information you need, so that you can decide on your own choice. Request our offer today. Based on your own insurance needs and budget, we will choose the right insurance for you.