Machinery and facilities are at risk of loss or damage from a sudden and unforeseeable cause.


 The policy covers

 Contractors machinery and construction facilities within the construction site or in their storage area, such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, drills, road construction machines, dumpers, graders, earthmoving trucks within the construction site, concrete pumping facilities , generators, mobile concrete batching plants, lifts, for loss or damage from sudden and unforeseeable cause.


The policy is addressed

 To Contractors who own Machinery and Equipment such as Cranes, Excavators, Pavers, Loaders, Concrete Machines, Air Compressors, Pumps, etc.



 Loss or damage to the machinery and facilities of a project, as a result of a sudden and unforeseeable event which is not excluded and results in the need to repair or replace the machinery or part thereof.

The policy is an All Risk policy.


Additional covers

Optional covers with additional premium

  • Covering damages for Strikes, Riots, Civil Disturbances
  • Coverage of the insured items / machinery during their transport within the areas effectively controlled by the Republic of Cyprus
  • Covering insured objects / machinery when working below the surface of the earth e.g. opening a tunnel for the construction of a highway
  • Covering additional expenses related to a covered claim and required overtime. night work, work on a public holiday
  • Covering air transportation costs




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