During assembly there are many risks that the installer and the owner run as a result of a sudden and unforeseen incident.


The policy covers 

It is a comprehensive insurance program for installers or owners who undertake the assemblies such as Photovoltaic and Wind Farms, Antennas, Individual Machines, Entire Factory Production Lines, Metal Buildings, Generators, Silos, Piping, Air Conditioning Installations, Elevators, etc.


The policy is addressed 

To installers or owners undertaking assemblies



Loss or damage during the assembly of a machine or a metal structure or during the construction of the construction site and during the assembly as a result of a sudden and unforeseeable event that is not excluded and caused on the construction site.

The policy is an All Risk policy.


Additional covers 

Optional covers with additional premium

Loss or damage to equipment and facilities

Loss or damage to construction machinery such as cranes and earthmoving machinery

Damage to buildings and their contents owned or controlled by the project owner and located in or adjacent to the construction site

Loss or damage to materials stored off site

Loss or damage in the performance of the contractual obligations of the contractor during the maintenance period

Debris Removal Expenses Loss or damage due to riot or strike

Covering additional costs related to a covered claim requiring overtime, night work, public holiday work

Liability of the Insured (owner, mainly contractor and sub contractors) to third parties

Liability of the Insured for material damage to third party property resulting from vibrations or weakening or shifting of foundations



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