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Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of assurance does insurance provide?
Insurance products protect you, your loved ones and your belongings. It also takes on the damages you may cause to others and pays for the damages you cause to the other party. The coverage and protection of each insurance product is different. In the most basic framework, insurance keeps you away from financial liabilities.
What should I pay attention to when taking out insurance?
In order to choose the most suitable and comprehensive policy for you, we must first carefully look at the coverage, exemptions, special conditions and coverage limits of the purchased policy.
How is the fee to be paid to the insurance calculated?
Statistics are used when pricing insurance. Many criteria such as your geography, age, value of your property are priced by calculating risk. Many criteria in your policy constitute the variables in the price calculation.
What is the difference between the insured and the insured?
The insured is the person or persons whose name is specified in the insurance contract and subject to the insurance. The insured is the person who makes the insurance contract and is responsible for paying premiums. For example, if you take out insurance for your father and you sign and pay this insurance policy, you are referred to as the policyholder. Insured is your father. There is also the case that the insured and the insured are the same person. When you buy insurance on your behalf, the insured and the insured are the same person.
When does insurance start and when does it end?
The policy starts at 10:00 on the maturity date and ends at 11:00 on the maturity date.