In general, Public Liability is the obligation of a person who has caused damage to another (actively or passively) to repair or compensate for the damage, usually by way of compensation. The obligation to compensate for damage can be from a legal entity or from a natural person, even from natural persons. A risk run by anyone engaged in any activity.


The policy covers


This is a flexible program that covers the liability of the Insured from negligent acts or omissions by him or his employees in relation to his activities


The policy is addressed


It is addressed to professionals and Organizations and compensates third parties for any damage to their property or bodily injuries themselves as a result of negligent acts or omissions of the Insured or his employees.




The Insured’s legal liability for payment of damages to other persons in respect of accidental bodily injury or death by accident or disease and accidental loss or damage to their property caused within the premises in connection with them or their contents or in connection with the activities of the Insured within the premises

The legal costs and expenses that the claimant is entitled to recover from the Insured as well as the legal costs and expenses incurred with the written consent of the Company in connection with the defense, investigation or settlement of the claim


Additional covers


Optional Covers with additional premium

  • for incidents that will occur outside the insured’s premises or outside Cyprus
  • in relation to the provision for consumption of defective food or drink
  • in relation to the use of lifts or escalators
  • in relation to the use of swimming pools
  • caused by fire or explosion in property bordering the premises of the Insured
  • in relation to loss or damage to property under his control or custody



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